Monday, May 5, 2014

Man Sues ABS-CBN over Legal Wife

Lapu-Lapu City Hall of Justice
(Source: APJR Online)
 Lapu-Lapu City – Alvin dela Cruz, 30, filed a case against the TV network ABS-CBN because of its primetime show Legal Wife.

“I am a faithful husband,” said the teary-eyed Cruz, “but this show made my wife suspicious after watching just one episode.”

“She always questions my whereabouts when I work overtime,” continued Cruz, “it even came to the point that she tails me wherever I go.”

The aggrieved husband asks the court to stop the showing of the Legal Wife and make ABS-CBN pay 3 billion pesos as damages.

Support for Cruz

Men’s Rights Group DIEGO expressed their support to Cruz. In a press release, DIEGO national president Mon Manuel said that Cruz’ fight is also the fight of all Filipino husbands. “The show makes Filipinas suspicious of their husbands even if they’re not doing anything wrong,” Manuel explained.

ABS-CBN’s Reaction

ABS-CBN entertainment boss Charo Santos denied the allegation their show is causing damages to Filipino families. Santos refused to give any comment regarding the court case saying that their legal team is yet to receive the documents of the case.

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