Monday, August 19, 2013

Napoles Raised Private Army

Manila, Philippines - Arresting the pork barrel scam queen Janet Lim-Napoles will not be easy according to the DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima. In a press conference held in Malacanang, De Lima revealed that Napoles now has a private army.

“Based on our gathered intel, Janet Lim-Napoles is surrounded by a group of armed men who call themselves as Napoles Freedom Fighter”, De Lima said.

The DOJ secretary said that the Napoles may have used her money to buy all the criminal groups in the provinces. De Lima also revealed that the Napoles Freedom Fighter now has tanks, armored personnel vehicle, fighter jets and submarines.

“We are dealing with a powerful person here. Napoles can topple the government in no time.” De Lima added.

Red Alert Status

AFP Chief of Staff General Emmanuel Bautista can't contain his surprise that Napoles' private army is better equipped than the Philippine military. He said that intelligence revealed that the NFF now has around 5,000 members coming from criminal syndicates and rebel groups.

Members of the Napoles Freedom Fighter.

“The Napoles Freedom Fighter might be stronger but we are ready to fight them. Meron kaming puso,” the Gen. Bautista said while obviously trying not to freak out.

The Chief of Staff said that the country is now in red alert status because of the threat posed by the Napoles Freedom Fighter.

NFF Ready for War

In a video uploaded in YouTube, Janet Lim-Napoles said that her private army is fully armed to protect her.

"My private army is ready for war. So I challenge the police and NBI to come and get me," Napoles said in the press release.

“I give my thanks to the generous generals of the military for giving me a share of the AFP Modernization Fund. Now I have money to get my own goons. Sorry De Lima, you can't touch me,” added Napoles.

Napoles also invited other criminal elements to join her army. High salary and benefits awaits those who will enlist in the Napoles Freedom Fighter.


Image sources: Philippine Daily Inquirer and Vox Bicol.

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