Friday, March 22, 2013

James Yap Still Elusive

James Yap continued to be free day after President Benigno Aquino III declared State Emergency. AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, during a press conference, stressed that Task Force James Yap is doing their best to capture the basketball star.

“We actually know the whereabouts of James Yap,” announced Bautista. He then proudly showed the jersey of the fugitive James Yap. “Konti na lang mahuhuli na namin siya,” the general continued.

Task Force James Yap showing to the media the possible location of James.
According to various reports by eyewitnesses, James Yap was last seen in the town of Aparri trying to rent a boat from the fishermen in the area. No one helped him and fishermen avoided him. He was not seen in the town ever since.

“We have hunch that James is now swimming to Taiwan,” Gen. Bautista said, “this jersey found floating off the coast of Babuyan Island is the proof of that.”

Gen. Bautista assured the public that the fugitive basketball star will be caught soon. All Navy assets were recalled from Spratly's and Scarborough Shoal  to patrol waters around Batanes Islands.

“James Yap will surface,” Gen. Bautista said, “Sa susunod na press con si James Yap na ang ibibida namin sa inyo.”

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