Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Unveiled: Assault Bancas against the Chinese

Assailt Banca
Elements of the Philippine Navy demonstrating the defense system of the Assault Banca. Machine gun
bullets failed to dent the Assault Banca's body.

 Manila, Philippines – Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin unveiled the Assault Banca, the newest asset of the Philippine Navy.

Gazmin informed Ampalaya News that the Assault Banca is just the first of the many weapons that are being developed to boost the capability of the military.

Model A-001 Assault Banca can carry ten soldiers. It is outfitted with 50-caliber machine guns and rocket launchers. It can also carry a torpedo that can sink enemy warships.

Gazmin said that they are set to unveil Aircraft Carrier Balsa, Minesweeper Vinta, and the submarine made from PET bottles.

“We are very excited about this,” AFP Chief of Staff Lt Gen Emmanuel Bautista said, “The Chinese will never know what will hit them.”

Aside from the West Philippine Sea, the assault bancas will also be deployed against lawless elements in Mindanao.


Image source: Official Gazette PH Twitter

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