Friday, July 18, 2014

PNoy Supporter to Grow Extra Arms for Yellow Ribbons

FB photo of Jimmy Salazar, PNoy's number 1 fan.
Members of the Yellow Army were enthusiastic with President BS Aquino's call to pin yellow ribbons of support. Various reports from the media showed PNoy supporters pinning yellow ribbon on their shirts, cars, houses, and other place imaginable.

But the President's number one fan beat the others by filling his body with yellow ribbons.

In a viral photo, PNoy's number one fan Jimmy Salazar have yellow ribbons on every inch of his body.

The photo's caption reads: “My love for Dear Leader is so great that I don't mind the pins piercing my body. The blood is a sign of my devotion to the greatest president of the Philippines. F**k Supreme Court!”

In a Facebook comment, Salazar said that he is currently looking for a good surgeon who can give him extra limbs so that he will have extra space for the yellow ribbons.

Salazar's photo already have 1 million likes and 800 thousand shares as of writing.


  1. ... and then Malacanang downplays the failed Pnoy suggestion of wearing yellow ribbons. What a huge embarrassment. :)

    1. Embarrassing indeed. The spokepersons should really ask PNoy not to open his mouth.