Thursday, August 15, 2013

Resident Elephant Ignored in Congress

Manila, Philippines - Members of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) trooped to Batasang Pambansa to protest the alleged neglect of an elephant living in the halls of Congress.

The protesters identified the elephant as “Porky”.

“There’s a big elephant in the room and these politicians continue to ignore him,” says PETA president for Southeast Asia Alfred Lopez.

Lopez said that the big elephant is now suffering depression when congressmen started ignoring him. He explained that in the past Congressmen and even President Benigno Aquino is very eager to play with Porky.

“These politicians started feigning ignorance when a whistle blower made public the existence Porky”, Lopez added.

No Elephant in the Room

"What elephant?"

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte denied that there is no big elephant living in Batasang Pambansa. He said that protesters are just imagining things.

“What elephant? There’s no elephant named Porky here. Yes, we are crocodiles...I meant we have crocodiles but not elephants. Congress is not the natural habitat for big elephants,” Belmonte explained.

 Other congressmen refused to comment. Their excuse is that they still wait for the result of the NBI investigation before they can be sure if Porky the Elephant lives in congress or not.

Speaker Belmonte assured that there will be an internal investigation about the alleged big elephant in Congress.

Porky Expected to Die

Political analyst Joe Agustin said that Porky the Elephant will suffer the same fate as the other big elephant name Ferti.

“Ferti was a big news during Arroyo Administration. Many congressmen also enjoyed playing with Ferti. Even those representing districts that have no farms benefited from Ferti. That elephant was ignored and eventually he died. Porky is big news right now but it is expected that he will die,” Agustin explained.

The remains of Ferti was currently stored in the underground vaults of Batasang Pambansa.

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