Friday, August 30, 2013

China's Submarine Patrols Bacoor Sea

Chinese submarine seen near SM Bacoor during the habagat floods.
 Tension between Philippines and China intensified anew as a Chinese navy submarine was seen patrolling Bacoor Sea.

Residents of Bacoor reported a submarine in the vicinity of SM Bacoor during the height of habagat rains last week. Philippine navy immediately sent five patrol vessels in the area but the submarine is gone.

DFA Secretary Albert Del Rosario cried foul over the intrusion of China in Philippine territorial waters. He said that the Philippines will lodge a diplomatic protest to the United Nations.

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that the Chinese government is just exercising its sovereign rights over its maritime territory. He said that Bacoor Sea is historically part of the Chinese maritime domain because Chinese fishermen fished in the area since the Ming Dynasty.

AFP Chief Staff Emmanuel Bautista vowed that the military will protect Bacoor Sea from intruders. The Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast Guard with the help of local fishermen are setting up fish pens and fish nets that will bar the entrance to Bacoor Sea.


Image source: Bandril Mon.

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