Monday, December 8, 2014

Korina Sanchez Apologizes, Gives Tsinelas

TV Patrol
MANILA - In a bid to defuse the negative reactions, ABS-CBN newscaster Korina Sanchez issued a public apology at the end of the TV Patrol yesterday evening.

"I'm sorry to Japanese people for my inconsiderate comments," the teary-eyed Sanchez said as she unceasingly wipe her eyes with Kleenex. "It is wrong for me to wish harm to all of you."

During the December 3 newscast of TV Patrol, Sanchez said that she hope that Typhoon Ruby will avoid the Philippines and hit Japan instead. Her controversial comment elicited angry response in the social media. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared Sanchez to be persona non grata and she will not be allowed to enter Japan.

"As a sign of my sincere apology, I will give free tsinelas to every Japanese" the newscaster said. "If that's not enough then I told Mar to sweep the streets of Tokyo or direct traffic in Japan for a month." Sachez refers to her husband Interior Secretary Mar Roxas who is know for his good works as Mr. Palengekro, street sweeper, firefighter, traffic enforcer and many more.

The Japanese Embassy refused to comment on the apology. Meanwhile, A group of Japanese nationals living in Manila said that they will not accept the cheap slippers from Korina.

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